Saturday, February 22, 2014

no workouts this week


I don't remember the last time this happened. Not working out even once in a week. I have been very tired this week. Probably on the verge of getting sick but not quite sick. My throat gets sore and i get tired very easily.

So tomorrow is Sunday. New week, fresh start.

I have been tracking since January. Not calories. I have been tracking how many days a week I drink the appropriate amount of water, how many days I work out and how often I ate "fast food" that week.

I rarely go on Facebook except to play candy crush. I find Facebook highly annoying right now. I may just delete  the app from my phone but it is the only way a couple of my friends seem to communicate now.

I was looking at my cell phone usage for last month. Take a guess at how many minutes I used? 100? more? less? immmm, it was 10. Yes only 10. I swear that most of my calls now are now via FaceTime under wifi. We still have a home phone, however I never answer that or use it. I lied, I ordered S a pizza tonight. I think working in a call centre I tend to avoid actually speaking on the phone as much as i can. I spoke of stress on my last blog. Well my work cell rang over 100 times last monday. on top of answering the phone that many times i am also responding to instant messages, emails and just people walking up. I am done with the world at 5pm.

that's it for today.

Tomorrow, all of Canada will be awake early for THE hockey game. I will be sleeping.

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Amee Sandhu said...

Popping by a little late here, but better that then never? Mmhmm, I'll keep telling myself that. Hope you're feeling better and didn't actually get sick. Pretty sure that all normal people take a week off from working out sometimes. I do at least, but then I'm not sure what side of normal I'm on. Just don't let it turn into weeks or months of no booty shaking.