Saturday, October 29, 2011

Really should blog more no?

I planned on using this blog a ton and it has almost been a year since i used it last. geesh. need to start blogging more again.  did my half in seattle in june. i think i did it in 2:11.  wow, you know you have done a handful of halfs when your time isn't so important to you any more. the rock n roll in seattle was my  5th?  i have a cold right now and my brain isn't working so well. it could have been my 6th? i will just list them.
  1. Historic Half (2:09)  2008
  2. BMO (2:04) 2008
  3. Victoria (2:01)  2008
  4. Seattle Rock n Roll (walked most of it with a friend)  2009
  5. Scotia Half (2:16) 2010
  6. Seattle Rock n Roll (2:11) 2011
You notice how my first few were my fastest? i long for the days when i weighed 15 lbs less and had post baby hormones helping me along.

I do run in other races too. not nearly as many as when i started out though.

i have done a trail race this year and the half. that is it!

my next race is next weekend. it will be my second 5k race. i am looking forward to it and fearing it at the same time. running 5k are more painful for me than running 13? i know to most people that sounds crazy but my fellow runners would understand (unless they are unbelievably gifted speedy).

they cancelled the muddy buddy here in august. i was really upset about that and so was h. next summer we are going to do the mud run outside of seattle cause they do it for sure. 

back when i last blogged i was also pretty much vegetarian. i think i need to go back to that for weight and health management issues i am having now. i am sitting in the 147-149 range which is scary. i haven't been this heavy since i was pregnant. bleh.