Monday, May 20, 2013

long time no post

It has been a while. I don't know why I haven't posted. I don't have a lot to post even now.

We went on our family holiday to Los Angeles/Anaheim and San Diego in April. We had a great time. The weather was great. No one killed each other although it may have been close a couple of times. My allergies were crazy in San Diego. I took a lot of Claritin and it was not helping. I was miserable but we still had fun at Seaworld. Who doesn't love getting soaked by Shamu?

Disneyland was Disneyland. Nothing new or exciting there. We thought H would be brave and want to go on all the rides. Turned out he is a chicken.

Universal was very fun. I think it may have been my favorite. Not sure why. The Transformers ride is amazing. The best ride of the entire trip. H loved transformers and The Simpsons which were way scarier than anything Disney threw at us but he was convinced the ride at Disney were scary. It was cool and drizzly the day we were at Universal. It was sunny/warm in Anaheim when we left. My flip flopped feet were frozen. Below is a picture of us with Megatron.

We also went to a Dodgers game and that was a nice night. Stadium food in the USA is so much better than in Canada in general. I have never been disappointed by the USA offerings.  We ended our trip in Santa Monica which we did last time too, I want to live there, just wish it wasn't in the USA. I wish Canada had somewhere sunny and warm for us to live. Maybe we should invade Hawaii? That would be my choice.

Next time we go we will spend less time in Anaheim. I want to stay somewhere out at the beach or in LA and we can drive to Anaheim if we are going to Disney.


I have yet to weigh myself. Very proud of this.

I logged onto/tracked in myfitnesspal 100+ days before our trip. Very proud of this.

I have not run in months. I am also proud of this.