Saturday, January 21, 2012

weather wimp

i am a weather wimp. i am not afraid to admit it. today i dropped my son off at a birthday party then went to the gym. today i could have run outside. my dog would probably have appreciated it. my soul would have probably appreciated it. however, the weather wimp in me won. even while on the short drive passing a man who was easily double my age jogging and maneuvering around the icy/slushy sidewalks. it wasn't even raining. i am a weather wimp (bowing my head submissively).

well at least i did a kick butt workout at the gym. i started with 2 miles on the treadmill. my 2 miles included a 1/4 mile hill at 4-5 incline followed by a 1/4 mile recovery jog. i repeated this 3x total. with a little warm up and cool down i did 2 miles total.

i then moved onto my strength workout. i thought i would finally suck it up and use tabata timer app for my iphone i downloaded a while ago. tabata is an interval style training. 4 mins. 20 secs exercise, 10 secs rest. this website explains it in a lot more detail if you want to check it out

so this is what i did.

1st set:       pushups.                 
yeah i probably shouldn't have started this one. especially doing just pushups. i watched some videos on youtube the other night of some hardcore people doing this and i thought i was hardcore. WRONG.  after my second or third set i had to drop to my knees. by the eighth set i was doing like 3 push ups on my knees in the 20 secs. i started the first set doing 12 or 13 full push ups!

2nd set:    kettlebell swings and plank twists.
yeah i learned to alternate 2 exercises very quickly to help a bit with recovery after my experience with the push up. near the end of the 4 mins both these exercises were really hard.

3rd set:    chest flys on the bench and sit ups.  nothing to crazy but hard still.

after all this i did 20 mins of easy riding on a recumbent bike while reading a book.

the book by the way is the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Honestly i only kinda like it. not sure what the hoopla is about. probably because i don't like reading about rapes and stuff. i know weird?

besides that not a ton going on. my eating has been a bit off.

it snowed here so spent some fun times outside watching hayden sled while sneaking in a few runs myself. the dog is glaring at me cause i haven't taken him out for a long walk or run in over a week. he is glaring at me now. due to the snow i also worked more than usual this week. i haven't been really interested in the computer this week.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 days since my last blog??

four days since my last blog. that is it?? feels like a long time ago. only 4 days though. hmm.

well not much exciting has gone on this week. i have been working my butt off at the gym and eating well and guess what. that darn number on the scale isn't moving? sigh. well i am feeling good and that is more important. still limiting meat. only had it a couple of times this week.

i did  two 4 mile runs this week and two 3 mile runs this week from sunday to saturday plus 2 spin classes, 1 easy elliptical and 2 strength training workouts. wow that was tiring just reading that. i rock.

this is a glimpse of the lululemon head band i bought with a xmas giftcard. not so pretty when i am red, blotchy and snotty so you get the cropped version. i believe the roushed part is supposed to be in the middle but i like it off to the side a little.

well it snowed for the first time this winter last night. not nice snow. calling it snow is being really nice. more like slush. yucky, cold, wet stuff. so my kid got to go play outside in the snow rain while i watched out the window, jogged on the treadmill and watched 90210. it is supposed to stay cold and snowy for most of the coming week. unsure if i will venture outside or not. yes i am a weather wimp. i don't like soggy feet.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

is it tuesday?

one of the issues with shift work is i often get confused to what day of the week it is. no i have never taken h to school on saturday or shown up at work on a day i don't work. i pretty much live by the calendar in my iphone. note to you, if you invite me to do something if it isn't put in the calendar then it isn't happening.

the best thing about the day??? it is sunny. wahoo! finally. after weeks of constant darkness and rain it is sunny. i seriously thought it would never end. i actually waited to do my run until almost 10am cause i wanted to be out in the sun. great running day. cold in the shade, warmish in the sun. about 0c at time of run. i rather run in -2c over 25c any day.

today i also used my garmin for the first time in a loooooooooooong time. last time i used it was october 24! wow. now i have been using run keeper on a lot of runs. wow i have been running for "fun" for quite some time now.

i am proud to say my diet has been so great since new years. i have only had meat twice and fast food once in 10 days. i have noticed though i am getting pale and my eyes appear more blue so i may be coming anemic. i don't know why but whenever i am i always get compliments on how blue my eyes are. weird. so because i have iron issues in general i am not going completely meatless cause i swear sometimes red meat is the only thing that makes me feel better.

hmmmm. nothing else to add.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

i feel better

i feel so much better. thank god cause that sucked! the bonus was all the quality 90210 time though.

i got one workout in this week. weights and elliptical. happy since i felt so awful all week. tomorrow i am hoping to run. no, i will run. somehow or sometime or somewhere i will run dang it!

i haven't eaten meat since new years. actually that is a lie. while cutting some of h's steak i popped one in my mouth. since i felt so bad though it was pretty easy not to eat meat since i really wasn't eating much of anything. the best part about choosing not to eat meat. fast food is pretty much not an option. not saying i am going vegetarian but i am going to limit meat to a 2x max a week. should be easy peasy.

we had a busy day today. first i survived my first hockey mom test. 8am game time! i did it and it didn't kill me nor did i kill my kid so i am counting it as successful.  h then had soccer too. that lasted about 10 mins. he told me his tummy was upset. i told him to get back out there cause i figured he didn't want to play in the rain since he put up a fight to go in the first place. well he then ran off the field and projectile puked for 15 mins. fun times. he also puked last night. i don't think he has the flu. last night at hockey he was coughing and i thought it was phlegm but after today i am guessing it is the gallon of orange juice he drinks a day and the acid that comes with it. he is limited to 1 small glass of oj a day now. we are also going to watch for grapes and goldfish because he ate that combo just prior to pukage both times.

well i am guessing you are so glad you read that last paragraph.

H and Fin

Center Ice

on to funner things. the last thing to do for us today was a family skate at rogers arena which is home of the canucks. we get to do this as s is a partial season ticket holder. it was really fun! we got to go under the seats, skate on the rink, sit on the player bench, go down the tunnel and see the dressing room. for a kid that loves hockey and wants to play in the nhl and be a zoo keeper one day this was a big deal. he is at least realistic and knows his chances of playing for the canucks is slim. so i have requested he plays somewhere nice and warm like LA or Florida or at least cool like NY or Chicago. he also can be a zoo keeper during the day and a hockey player at night ya know? i posted some pics above.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

another day of 90210

 last night i honestly thought i was feeling better. then i woke up this morning and bleh again. i took a 2 hour nap before NOON. seriously. going to take one more day off work and since tomorrow was my last scheduled day of work this week that means no work this week. yeah! wish i wasn't sick though.

being sick i have had some time to kill. today i did 3 90210 episodes. three. i was only in grade 7 when the show started so some of this stuff was over my head back then but it is some serious stuff mixed in there with fluff. aids, alcoholism, almost marital affairs, teenage drinking... oooooooooooooooooo!

brandon is DRUNK as i write this. crazy times for boy scout brandon.omg! is he drinking and driving???? omg. did he crash his car? omg is he in jail? oh my mr walsh is very angry. thankfully he has a great friend in dylan who will take him to an AA meeting since he has dranken 3 times in his whole life.

brandon in jail? he needs a hug?
 he is still pretty all banged up from his dui.

 the more i look at him the more i think he looks like edward cullen. serioulsy! pale skin, unusually red lips, thick brows. edward cullen could have been on 90210. look at the lips, the paleness and the hair!

or maybe was brandon a vampire?

ok, enough 90210. i need to go to let it go now.

got new runners. been having some pf issues in both feet. since it was both i am hoping it is the runners. however, i haven't run in over a week now and the foot pain is persistent still. been icing. not taking any ibprophen since my tummy is already a mess from antibiotics.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

well the run didn't happen today to ring in the new year. last night i was not feeling great and this morning i woke up with a full blown sinus infection. i managed to work 5 hours today since it is double time but boy do i feel awful. if my face actually blows up i will let you know! 

last night for new year's eve we ended up going to a movie. we took hayden with us too. we saw mission impossible and it was quite good. pretty much the same as the others. the last part of the movie was filmed in vancouver. it was supposed to be seattle/india. i always find this distracting. however, that is what happens when you live in hollywood north. part of me has been thinking i would like to see dubai one day and the movie confirmed it. however it is far and expensive to get too so unsure if that will happen. dare to dream!

i did manage to hit 1000km for the year in running. that made me happy. not sure what i want to do about my running. speed nor distance are motivating for me right now. i guess there is nothing wrong with just running for fun? there's a brilliant idea for you. however, honestly i am not motivated at all for anything right now.

i set out to lose 5lbs by new years. officially i am -1 lbs! woo hoo. i dropped a few lbs a bunch of times but seemed to bounce back up. my clothes are feeling better though so that is good. however, i didn't take measurements before so nothing concrete on if i have wiggled some inches down.

i am not in the mindset to set goals for the new year right now so i am not. take that!  i will when i am ready. once i get some grocery shopping done tomorrow i will likely go meatless for the month or pretty close to meatless. i felt so much better when i did this.