Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer is coming to an end...

Only two more weekends left. One normal weekend and then the long weekend for Labour Day.
Due to my work schedule I haven't got away much. One night in Whistler and next weekend one night in Victoria. I have Hawaii to look forward to in November and one night in Seattle in September. I am really looking forward to going back to Kauai.

On the other hand H has had quite the summer of traveling; Whistler, Lake Wenatchee, Yellowstone Park, Harrison Hot Springs, Las Vegas and Victoria. He sure gets around? He is a lucky kid. S and H were in Vegas earlier this week for 2 nights. They seemed to have a great time. Pool, eating, Chris Angel and bowling.

This weekend has been a bust. My allergies have been really bad and today I have a migraine. I am heavily medicated right now. I haven't had a headache/migraine like this in a very loooong time. I went to the gym this morning and spent 30 mins on the elliptical deciding if I should run to the bathroom to puke or not. I never actually puked but sure felt like it a few times. Aren't you glad you read this?

Starting in September I am going to track again on MFP at least 5 days per week if not everyday until we leave for our trip on Halloween. Sorry, I got nothing exciting to say. I am going to go lay down.

Friday, August 2, 2013

I rode my bike to work

I rode my bike to work on Tuesday. I thought I was going to ride it home. When I got to work the first thing I did was call S to tell him he had to pick me up. I am so out of shape. I know most of the ride is pretty much uphill but it was soooooooooo hard. That was Tuesday, now it is Friday and my quads still hurt. Beyond that no other exciting workouts this week. Bike at home an one weight workout. Goint to the gym in the morning tomorrow for another weights workout. H has been away since Monday. It is amazing how much free time you have when you are childless??? I don't have to rush out of work or in the morning. I get home and eat and watch my TV shows. By 9pm I am out of things to do. I guess I could clean.... bwhahahahahaha... that was funny. I do miss him though and he better miss me. S and I have gone out for dinner and tomorrow I am going to see a friend then shop by myself!!! ALONE! Pretty borning summer. Not very exciting. My friend and I are going to go to Victoria for one night with the kids. The hotel is cheaper than the ferry. $100 each way for the car. Ridonculous. No wonder we never go to the Island anymore. Now, I need to remember to bring my bike home from work tonight. ***Update*** I forgot to bring my bike home from work.