Saturday, March 17, 2012

the battle begins


because my great bunny friend blogged today about no self loathing i am going to be as perky and positive about this.

i seem to have a flare up of plantar fasciitis. i have no idea why? why? so frustrated. i haven't bumped up my mileage, i haven't been doing heavy speed work, i haven't changed my shoes, my current shoes only have about 100 miles on them. it is in both feet. right foot is worse. i have been icing, rolling and even caved and took ibprophen. this week i have ran less than normal even. (i am averaging 15 miles per week right now which is not much. besides pronating issues i know tight calves can be an issue and my calves are always tight. so why the flare up? why? why? why?

unsure if i will do my planned run tomorrow or not. so far i am on track for my sun run training plan. this week i even chose to run my 7 mile lsd on a hilly route and got my hill run my 2 strength workouts in. one heavy weights arms and the other a tabata style workout.

what else is new? not much. kiddo is on spring break. the weather here is the pits. rain, snow (not sticking), wind, sun... that is all in an hour.  h has a hockey tournament this weekend so i am driving a ton. spent most of this afternoon at the skatepark. what do i do at the skatepark? read a book. this is what h does. he is actually really good for his age, well that is what the older kids tell me. trick scooters are what are cool here right now. some people skateboard but most scoot??? not sure if "scoot" is a cool word?

here are a couple of his youtube videos.

For H's kick ass moves click here

now i am going to go google plantar faciitis exercises.

i'm back. nothing new in the pf world of exercises. i never have actually done the picking up marbles one. i have no marbles so i used h's Mighty Beans. i can barely do it with my right foot and easy peasy with my left. can you be leg dominant? is it normal to be opposite your dominant hand? i have no clue. just thought it was odd one side was easy and the other i could barely do. 


Krissy said...

I especially think the skull and coss bones H has on his helmet is bad ass, well done on the scooter tricks H! Self loathing gets you no where. And well, neither does PF. I really hope that gets better for you on the double! Ouch!

Dana said...

The thing that helped my PF most -

Strassburg sock
Aleve 2x a day (morning and night)
Supportive shoes at work and never walking around barefoot at home (for a while, I've ditched that as it got better)
When in pain, rolling the foot on a frozen water bottle.

Amee Sandhu said...

Whoa! H caught some air on that one trick. So cool! I know nothing about PF. Sorry.