Thursday, January 24, 2013

the unthinkable??

i may just do it! i may not weigh myself in any kind of official manner for months or even a year. maybe my scale breaking was a sign? maybe it wasn't? however, i am taking it as one. I have also changed myfitnesspal to "lose" only 1/2 lb a week. I am interested in being healthy and eating a healthy amount of calories. i am not prepared to feel hungry or starved to lose weight. I'm not fat. the number on the scale will no longer define me.

so have i been running? well if running for 10 minutes of a 30 minute cardio session counts as running i guess i am. i did my couch to 5k runs last week and i have done 2 of 3 so far this week. running 90 seconds followed by 2 minutes rest this week. i also did boot camp last week and this week. i did NOT do any of the strength training i was going to do. you know what? I don't care!

nothing else really going on that i care to discuss so i am outta here.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Just Dance

Nothing super duper exciting this week.

Did I tell you I broke the scale? Seriously. I changed the battery, hoped on and the digital screen cracked and died. I was planning on weighing myself one last time and then not again for at least 30 days. so now i am just not weighing myself for 30 days. at the end of that i will either have to buy a new scale or use the scary uncalibrated one at the gym.

I went to the gym 3x so far this week. yeah me. tracking again on myfitnesspal. yeah me.

so my new "plan" is to do couch 2 5k 3x per week, boot camp 1x per week, strength train another 1-2 times a week. i was going to do NROLFW (New Rules of Lifting for Woman) again but i can't find the book. going to do old school weights and resist the urge to Jillian Michaels it up for at least 30 days.

Oh yeah, the title of my blog. just getting to that now i guess. so we gave h Just Dance for the Wii for Christmas. Have you ever done that? Oh my it is so hard. seriously so hard sometimes. i seriously need to find my heart rate monitor and see what kind of calories i burn. the key word in that sentance is FIND though. H's favorite is Ricky Martin. Ok, it is his favorite to watch me do and laugh at me. His favorites are One Direction and of course Gangam Style. I actually enjoy the One Direction one too. I like a Nicki Minaj one too and like to add some extra booty in that one. The best part is when h gets s to do it and s is SO focused.  SOOOOOOOOOOO focused. I will sneak a video if i can one day. you have to promise not to tell if i do though. shhhhhhhhhh.

That's all I got.

Jen out.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to the Grind

Today is my last day of freedom. Tomorrow I will be back into the grind. I have been lazy for weeks but no more! I will ease myself into working out again slowly. Very slowly. I usually do bootcamp on Wednesday but if I do it I probably will end up crippled the rest of the week so I am going to go tomorrow and do some light cardio and light weights. I also am doing something new and CRAZY. I am not going to weigh myself for 1 entire month. January 8 to February 8.

Next week I will go to boot camp. I think I MIGHT do couch 2 5k. MIGHT.

I thought since it was a new year I would change my blogs look. It is girlie non?

Anything else exciting going on?


I love Jason Segal and the below video makes me love him more. It is an oldie but a goodie.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Another year has gone by.

2012 was pretty boring. Nothing crazy. I like that.

Highlights of the year?

-Meeting my bunnies in Vegas
-H's first time Snowboarding
-Vegas with family

For the first time in many years NONE of my highlights include fitness or food. In someways this is good. I am not obsessing which I have a tendency to do. However, because I am not obsessing my waist line has expanded quite a bit. Although, I would like to lose a few I am not motivated to starve myself.

Do I miss running?

Sometimes. Rarely. Most of the time not. I do intervals occasionally on the treadmill but I do not miss distance running. I do miss the amounts of calories it burned but that is not a good reason to do something. I may do couch to 5k. Still undecided. I think this spring/summer I am going to try to focus on cycling.

Do I have a New Years resolution?


Do I plan on making one?