Saturday, February 22, 2014

no workouts this week


I don't remember the last time this happened. Not working out even once in a week. I have been very tired this week. Probably on the verge of getting sick but not quite sick. My throat gets sore and i get tired very easily.

So tomorrow is Sunday. New week, fresh start.

I have been tracking since January. Not calories. I have been tracking how many days a week I drink the appropriate amount of water, how many days I work out and how often I ate "fast food" that week.

I rarely go on Facebook except to play candy crush. I find Facebook highly annoying right now. I may just delete  the app from my phone but it is the only way a couple of my friends seem to communicate now.

I was looking at my cell phone usage for last month. Take a guess at how many minutes I used? 100? more? less? immmm, it was 10. Yes only 10. I swear that most of my calls now are now via FaceTime under wifi. We still have a home phone, however I never answer that or use it. I lied, I ordered S a pizza tonight. I think working in a call centre I tend to avoid actually speaking on the phone as much as i can. I spoke of stress on my last blog. Well my work cell rang over 100 times last monday. on top of answering the phone that many times i am also responding to instant messages, emails and just people walking up. I am done with the world at 5pm.

that's it for today.

Tomorrow, all of Canada will be awake early for THE hockey game. I will be sleeping.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

oh boy

i haven't posted since september. oh my! i know it has been a long time but i didn't think that long????

i am not going to try to even recap what has happened over 5 months.

work has been an absolute gong show. new system and we are not doing well. stress is through the roof with everyone. trying to keep stress down but that is stressful in itself some days.

i have been working out 4x a week. doing a trx class at least once and more recently throwing in a tabata class. both are great classes and are very hard.

i really should have worked out tonight but i didn't. hard day at work and changing the channel on the tv is daunting. i know deep down exercise would help but today i just feel paralyzed. so in order to now work out 4x this week i need to get moving for the next 3 days. i can do it.

in one month i get to go see my parents in Arizona for a week. Hopefully the sun will be out. A little vitamin d is always good for the soul.