Monday, November 12, 2012


I guess better late than never. This blog is going to be heavy on pictures. I met some bunz in Vegas. Who are bunz? Bunz are some GALS i have been friends with online for 4 years. 4 years! that is insane? am i an insane for flying 2.5 hours to meet a bunch of strangers that could murder me? guess so.

well i am happy to report there were no murders or mischief. for those that have online friends it is always so weird when you finally meet in person. it is odd because you know people so well but you have never been in their physical presence. you kinda feel like you should hug but it would be like hugging a co-worker you see and talk to every day which would just be weird. it is an odd feeling.

so we (s&i) flew into Las Vegas on Friday morning. I met J (WAVEDANCER7), A (MARLIE13) , S (WAVEDANCER7'S FRIEND) and H (HOPERY) in our hotel lobby to drive them out to get their race packets. Honestly I was a bit skeptical the race is going to happen at this point due to some weirdness on the internet the week before. the race did happen though as you will see. We drove out to the lake to a little village and they got their packets. we returned back to the hotel and met for dinner at a little Italian place at the Venetian called the Trattoria Reggiano. Tiny restaurant and the Italinan waiter/owner were really concerned about part of our party being late. I took this picture while we were waiting for D (ZIRCARDIA) and her husband/sister to come.

Trattoria Reggiano

 While we ate some yummy pasta (well the GALS were carb loading for their marathon) there was a pink gorilla staring us down. A and H love this gorilla. I am not sure of their reasons but who is to question why?
That night the running bunz had to go to bed early. So S and I met up with my parents who also happened to be in Vegas and we did a little gambling (penny slots) in our casino at the MGM Grand. We partied it up and were in bed by midnight bwahahahaha.

My alarm was going off at 430am so I could go and get the halfer bunz to take them out to the race. When i got off the elevator to go into the lobby there was some girls looking a little rough. I noticed they had no shoes on, then i noticed they were not even carrying their shoes. They must have had quite a night when they gave up on their shoes. We went out in 2 groups. H and D went out earlier because they were running the full marathon (crazy bunnies).

So we drove the 45ish minutes out to the race in the dark. Driving through the desert. We found the race and it was still dark. We saw the sunrise in Vegas which is something I will never probably see again. It is really pretty out at Lake Mead. However, if I was ever going to live somewhere warm it would be tropical.

 Derry our friend came out too. 

Guess who isn't running?
This race was just nasty. It started up this huge hill. The whole race was hilly so I felt sorry for the bunz. My calfs would have died on that first incline. What a way to start a race!
J starting the race up that dang hill.

A saying Hi!

So I knew the course would be hard. I brought a book to read but I didn't have coffee so I drove back into Boulder City to get myself a Starbucks. I also stopped briefly at the Hoover Dam which I have been to before. Driving through the desert I kept signing that song "i've been through the desert on a horse with no name..."  while i drove. That killed a bit of time. I came back and sat on the edge of the desert waiting for the return of my friends. Hoping a coyote or rattle snake or some tumble weed has not taken them out. Eventually they all did return and they were all smiling. The finish line is beautiful. You got to run down hill and towards the lake. Very scenic. Here is some pics.

Best Friend Butts

Gangnam Style Finishers

I had fun driving them. Once home everyone around here keeps asking me why I didn't race. Most people assume I am still running. They don't know I stopped. I will be honest. I didn't even really have a twings of "i should be racing today" too while i watched the race. I enjoyed being a spectator.

We didn't wait for H and D to come in for their marathon as it was going to be at least a couple of hours.

At that point we went back to our hotels. S and I went to the pool for a couple of hours. I needed my vitamin D. i was hoping to meet up with my bunz later that night but my back deteriorated throughout the early evening. We went out to Henderson to see my parents for dinner. When we got back to the hotel I hurt bad so I ditched the bunz (sorry gals) and ended up just playing some penny slots again. What show did you end up going to h and a? i don't think you ever said. 

The trip did have one hitch. My BACK. the day before we left I twinged it. It has been a mess since even with chiro. I thought it was getting better than a few days ago again I was cleaning the kitchen table and it went out again. i don't know what is going on. so i have been doing some light cardio when i can. I was sad to miss my boot camp class.

Also this is the first trip that both S and I have left H alone. Yes he has been away from us. For even weeks at a time but usually it is him going somewhere with my parents or something and not us leaving him. He kept calling and calling and calling. S didn't believe me until I showed him my cell with like 8 missed calls on it. I think part of it was boredom. He also doesn't understand the concept of roaming charges. I will be showing him my cell phone bill for sure!

So now I have 2 bunz left to meet (SKYFYRE, BRUIN2).


Amee Sandhu said...

I'm sorry about your back being a pain in the a&$. Did you ever see the hilariousness I pointed out in your text? haha I die.

I'm sorry.

Anyway, I spent last weekend around my SIL....mesmerized that she sounded just like you. When I told her that you two sound identical she laughed and said, "No way! Righhhtt?"

Amee Sandhu said...

TWEET...not text!

Ok I'm done.