Thursday, February 23, 2012


Sparkle. Razzle dazzle. Are your jazz hands waving? Well my pedicure is pretty sparkly. You may want to put some sun glasses on before you look at the photo.

Hmmm. What else is new? We are headed to Seattle for the weekend. So need the get away.

Running is going well. I have stuck to the plan mostly. Not sure if I am enjoying being on a plan again or not. Yesterday was the first time I skipped a planned run. I was just grumpy when I got home from work. Decided a night laying in bed watching trashy tv was more needed than a run. I am in a bad mood a lot lately. Did 7 miles on Monday and it felt pretty good.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

home with a sicko

my son is home sick today from school with a tummy bug and bad headache. s was home this morning so i still got my spin class in before he had to leave for work. keeping my fingers crossed that i don't get it. well, my parents have it too so they asked if i could get them some milk. so i dropped off the milk at their house. as i was getting back into the car i decided to try to knock myself out with the corner of the car door.


nice goose egg and cut eh? i have had a tension headache in my shoulders for a couple of days now. well now my headache is in the front. maybe i should sell this as a solution to relieve tension headaches? i could make begillions!! i have also stubbed my toes several times today. i think i may be trying to kill myself?

I started my Sun Run training officially yesterday. Mondays are going to be my long run days. However, the race is a 10k so i am maxing my long runs out at 8 miles. so yesterday i did 5.25 miles in the sun. this is my run entry from

beautiful day. cool. crisp. sun shinning. on the way back a coyote decided to sit in the middle of the dyke. just sitting. normally i don't care. if i approach they move. however, when i have my dog i worry. worry about how my dog will react and of course how the coyote will react. i could tell the coyote was waiting to cross the road to the airport but there was some traffic. a few minutes later it finally crosses into the field.

I always have my dog on a leash when i run. we have lots of coyotes in our area. i am so surprised with the amount of people that have their dogs off leash. especially their little yappy dogs who will go at a coyote and lose.  also this trail and area has lots of people and bikes too so people are just asking for their dogs to get hurt.

so i am eating meat again. i can't seem to get enough protein when i don't. i should rephrase that. i technically get enough protein but then i snap cause it seems only meat satisfies the craving.  i am not eating much meat but enough so i don't snap again and eat a whole safeway roasted chicken by hand.

tonight i made some soup for dinner in the crock pot. this is what i threw in the crock pot:
  • ground turkey
  • celery
  • carrots
  • 1/2 an onion
  • 1 box chicken stalk
  • 1/2 cup uncooked barely
  • pepper
  • basil
  • water
i will let you know how it turns out. 

Monday, February 6, 2012


well i have been running since 2007. i did run before that a bit here and there but i started actually tracking my running properly in 2007.

2007- i can't find this anywhere

2008- 830 miles, crazy year, 3 hm and so many other races. probably too much for a first full year of running which is why...

2009 - 430 miles probably from too much the year before, i know i had my nose surgery in the summer as well as hip issues all year

2010 - 560 miles. making the come back?

2011 - 600 mileage climbing a bit. (this is 50ish miles per month)

2012 ???? i think i am going to aim for the 650-700 range. which is approx 55 miles a month which is doable. i think.

i look back at my mileage of 2008 and i am in ah. seriously. i remember loving running so much. i remember being skinny. yes SKINNY. skinny not i a great way although part of me loved it. i was down to 127lbs (now i am 145ish again, size 8ish). 127 on me is a size 2/4 and i look gaunt. i remember a 5 mile run being done with ease in 50-55 mins and being an "easy" run.

just babbling. ignore me if you wish. i have no idea where this came from or if/when it will go anywhere.

however, my life has also changed now. i have a kid who i can't force to come on every run with me in the stroller. i don't think a 6 year old would like the jogging stroller too much nor would i like to push him. my son still joins me in the good weather on his bike but even then i am limited to his stopping and starting - i wouldn't change that though. i think if i was still pushing a baby around i would run more. i can only stand so many miles on the treadmill which is probably why my mileage dips so bad in november/december and july/august (hate the heat). also those are the times of year for me that life just gets crazy.

historically my heavy mileage is january - june then tapers off.

hmmmm. nothing more to add except this picture from my run this morning. isn't it purdy out there?

hope that is the runway right there that tad can land a plan on. ok?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

it's been over a week so i guess i should blog



well i don't have much to say.

this is what i posted in the other day about a run.

so i had to run down to lynden to pick something up and i thought why not go for a run somewhere different (although i run in lynden in the summer sometimes when we are down camping). i love lynden. i love it's ridiculous perfectness. serious, golf course green manicured lawns, meticulously pruned plants and freshly painted homes. even today in february people were mowing their lawns to the perfect height. i feel always when i run through lynden that it must be some bylaw stating the Eminem on my ipod is illegal. it is just so American. I mean that in a good way. Movie set American.
been running lots. yeah that is about it.

have a good day.