Saturday, July 7, 2012

long time no entry

i didn't blog last week because i was saving up to write about the Canada day run i did on july 1. i wanted to wait and see if there were any good pics from the race but there weren't.

race report, drizzly and wet. perfect for running since sometimes it is too hot for this race. felt like garbage the whole run. fyi i feel like garbage during all my runs lately. running is never fun anymore and not sure what i am going to do about this. all it is right now is the quickest way to burn some calories. at points running has been about burning calories but i still enjoyed it. not enjoying it right now. i always hurt. no matter how much i stretch my muscles are getting stiffer and stiffer. i am sore all the time.  wow, that got off track in a hurry.

when i checked my results though it said 44 mins. wow that is smoking fast for me. i didn't wear a watch again so i approximated my time at about 47 mins.
 well the course was short and not a complete 8km. this is my normal 8k route so it was probably 0.4 miles short by my estimation. so hence my speedy time. when i mapped out the course just less then 10mm which i am happy about. lots of speedy runners making me feel like a turtle. i even got passed by an 84 year old woman. seriously i suck. a woman with ZERO muscles (not exaggerating as i ran behind her for a while so i could study this, before slowing down with exhaustion). how is this crazy ass 84 year old running 930mm with ease with NO muscle?  i am complaining about being stiff and sore and this warrior woman can zoom past me at almost 50 years my senior. it was like a scene out of a horror movie. this route pretty much goes right by my house and my parents and i thought about sneaking off the route and just going home. a couple of years ago i was one of the zippy runners and now i am pulling up the rear.

i am sorry about the random placement of the pictures. it won't let me move them.  i love that h loves to run and is so competitive. he pushes himself so hard. he was near puking after running a sub 5min/km. still smiling though. this is one reason i have kept running as this is something we are starting to do together. the pics with the mountain? that is from a hike h and i did at golden ears. after about 2k he wanted to go back cause he had to GO. he refused to GO in the bushes so we jogged back the 2k on the trail through mud. we had fun. he seems to be a lot like me and likes to get stuff done asap. efficient. running is more efficient than walking.

is this blog all over the place or what. are you able to follow along?


Krissy said...

Hahaha! I love that H is "efficient"! And that he is running with you! I totally understand the running is painful thing, and the wanting the quick calorie burn. I had to switch to cycling, but now I am actually so quick at getting ready it only takes me about 120 seconds more than a run ;) I hope you can find a way to make running better or a sport that doesn't hurt and delivers a killer calorie burn! Loved the picture of ears, I want to go there!

Amee Sandhu said...

I was thinking that maybe you should give yourself permission to take a break from running. Be ok with it. No one says you HAVE to run. Give yourself a break and if/when you feel like running, do it for fun and see what happens?