Wednesday, November 30, 2011

new work out

today i tried a new work out. simon bought the asylum workout from beach body back in september i think. i believe it is an extension of the insanity series. i also own the turbo jam series and find beach body products are good quality. i didn't feel like going to the gym and the workout i did today did not disappoint. 

before doing the dvd i ran to save-on-foods and back to buy some peas for dinner. so that is a 3.2 mile run. when i got home i got my weights ready and started the dvd. at home i have 5, 7, 10lbs dumbbells and a band. for this workout i only used the 5's and 7's. i will be honest. by the end i was just laying on the floor watching them do some of the exercises. however, i noticed even the people in the dvd were also taking mini rest breaks. it is intense. this is the warm up!!

Halo Deadlifts (new exersie to me)
Skull Crusher Press
Knee Drive Curl
Later Squat Row
Shoulder Tap Push-Ups (i did most of these from my knees and they still killed)

then the main workout starts!  although the dumbbell rotations kicked my butt they were new and challenging. an example of a dummbell rotation is:

push up
stand up repeat

this is the easiest one of 3.  it continues on and does chest and back stuff to. part of it is pull ups but i saw some different variations so maybe one day i can do a pull up (not just in my dreams).

after this i went and put up all the christmas lights. simon is not so handy so i waited for him to do it would never happen.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

quick blog

hi everyone.

i am really tired right now so not sure if these is even coherent.

i have been tracking!!!! yeah me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

however, what i have tracked the last couple of days is not that positive. the words mcdonald's and pizza in the tracker???? not good. no i didn't chose the better choice at either. oh well. at least i am tracking.

for exercise last week:
3 runs
1 spin
2 st

we put up our christmas tree today. hayden has been bugging me for about a week and i gave in. he is really excited about christmas. this may be the last year he believes so we will woop it up for him.

hayden also played goal for the first time at hockey today. it was his first "away" game and the other team was really really good. they are not in our league normally and our boys had their butts kicked. hayden was in good spirits and even said he wanted to try goal again.  he could barely move in all the equipment.

so my plan for this week is:

-drink water and tea
-2 cups coffee max
-eat between 1400-1600 calories a day/track daily
-1-2 spin
-2 st
-3-4 runs

have a good week everyone.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scarf Video

Last blog for today!!! A friend of mine posted this on facebook and i love it. loves me some scarves!!


CHOO CHOO! (said with ZERO enthusiasm and a ton of sarcasm)

weight is at a scary level. very scary. i haven't been this heavy since i was 16 i believe. i have been really struggling with either i am ok with how i look and i need to lose weight. at this point i do believe losing 5-10lbs is about health and not really vanity. i don't think i look bad in a bathing suit but i feel bleh in my clothes. yes i know this makes NO sense.

i am doing something new this time though. i am NOT focusing on fitness at all. i will workout when i feel like it and frequently but i am not planning on doing my typical killer workouts that leave me famished and fatigued. fatigue is a huge food trigger for me. more so than stress. what is the point of me working out if i end up eating the calories i just burned.  i will track my calories burned but just for statistical purposes.

my focus is going to be on what i put in my mouth and counting calories. i will track everything i put in my mouth a minimum of 5 days a week. i have no excuses. i can track on my iphone. to lose 5 lbs by christmas i need to eat between 1300-1600 calories a day. focus will be on fruits and veggies.

today was day one and i was very irritable. this is my favourite part of cutting calories. (said with ZERO enthusiasm and a ton of sarcasm)

i made a yummy soup for dinner in the crock pot. very basic:
*left over turkey
*chicken stock
*tomato paste

throw it in the crock pot on low at 11am and was ready for dinner.

some cuba pictures

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

run after storm

Airport fence and back 4.25 mi 00:50 11:45 pace
Calves are soooooooo tight. lots of debris on the dyke/trail today thanks to the windstorm last night. a couple of times i had to come to a full stop to figure out how to get me and the dog passed/over a fallen tree.used run keeper again.

random: the other morning i didn't want to listen to music but i put run keeper on and put my phone on mute just to track the mileage. all alone on the trail when run keeper chick comes on LOUD saying my pace/distance/time. don't know who it freaked out more... me or the dog?

now i have a really bad headache. bleh. i think i left my sport bra on too long after my run.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

cuba (pictures to come)

we had a great trip to cuba. the weather was pretty great. the resort was beautiful. we stayed at the iberostar laguna azul in varadero and we loved it. we went with another family who also have a kid about h's age.

we had a super fun time. it was my first time at an all inclusive so i was unsure what to expect but i loved it. i loved not worry about meals. yes, i am not the hugest fan of buffets in general so for me the food was just ok but that is because of my dislike of buffets. i still found enough i wanted to eat. the odd thing though was the lack of fresh fruit. found this odd in a tropical place!!!!  buffets are great with children though.  i also loved that you could eat whenever you want. i also loved drinks by the pool. my friend and my drink of choice was the havana special (rum, pineapple juice and a couple of other things?). the kids liked the all day icecream bar (ok i did too). the japanese a la carte restaurant was good and so was the italian one.

the people that worked at the hotel were wonderful.  the entertainment staff were friendly but never too in your face about joining in. the kids loved the mini disco every night too. he got to sing and dance on the stage. we also watched a few of the shows put on by the staff which were entertaining. i never went to the disco. s went a couple of times. i was pooped from being in the sun all day.

i did visit the gym once for like 30 mins? i thought i was going to do more but i was enjoying laying on my back watching my kid play and reading a book.

the first couple of days we were there it was really windy. not ideal however it created waves which are rare in varadero. so we got to play in the surf. the rest of the week the ocean was calm. it is nice that is calm because you can let your kids play without having to hover constantly. we only had rain on the night we arrived.

the pools were beautiful too. one very large main pool and then 2 smaller (still ridiculously large) pools which were quieter. so when you felt like being around people/music you could and when you wanted quiet time there was a place for that too.

hayden liked the beach but loved the pools.

our room was nice. we stayed on the ground floor which i liked because we could go in and out our sliding door too. the hotel is only a couple of years old and the bathroom was starting to show a bit of ware and tear but nothing too concerning. i expect when i am staying somewhere tropical there will be a bit of damp issues like our bathroom door was very hard to open and close at times but nothing that ruined my holiday.

my only problem with my holiday. it wasn't long enough. we went for 7 days/nights. we just think 10 would be better. that way we could have had just as much time relaxing and a couple of extra days for excursions. we only left the hotel once to go into varadero for the day. we would have like to go to havana but we don't think 2 five year old boys would have loved that.

our next big trip is hawaii in august. we are thinking february of 2013 will be our next all inclusive holiday!

home from cuba & 1st run in 26 days???? yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we are home from cuba and we had a wonderful trip. we brought my parents camera and i don't have the adapter yet so no pics yet. i will do a separate blog on that when i get the pics from the camera to the computer.

first the bad news, i am still not coughing nor feeling 100%. ok, i think i feel ok besides the jet lag today however i can NOT get rid of this cough. seriously depressing. my last run was on the 25th of october so that means it has been 25 days since my last run. i have taken it easy and the cough is still not gone. sigh.


so..... i did my first run today. i did 2.75 miles with the dog. it felt ok. was very cold at -3 though. big change from being in my bathing suit on a pool deck the day before at the same time. sigh.


i miss the beautiful weather already.

not sure if i will workout now tomorrow or monday due to work/h's hockey schedule. we will see.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's happening?

I will be honest a lot isn't happening. Working 3 afternoon shifts in a row to make up for some sick time last week.

I have got back to working out though. No runs yet. I think I am kinda scared and being silly I lost all my fitness when I was sick. Will try a treadmill run in Cuba. No outside runs! The heat + humidity could kill me or at least leave me with a super sick tummy.

I did MTC day 1 yesterday. Omg Jillian you still kick my ass. Probably not the smartest workout to do after time off. Actually thought I was going to puke. Jillian would have been proud. Also like magic I lost 2 lbs overnight. I swear every time I do day 1 of MTC this happens. I also have very sore muscles! After MTC I did an hour spin class. Today I did a 45 min spin class and tomorrow I plan on doing MTC day 2 and 60 mins of spin.

Not sure I will check in again before I leave so...

Hasta luego!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

No race

I so wish I felt up to running today. Perfect weather. Clear and about -1.

Took the dog for a walk instead. Back to working out tomorrow!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

No race tomorrow

So I already typed this but it disappeared.

Not racing tomorrow. Still not feeling 100% and coughing a ton. I don't want to push it. Can't risk relapse since we leave for Cuba on Friday. The race is just too far to go for an easy run. I didn't even bother picking up the shirt/race packet.

This week I plan on spinning 3 days. When in Cuba I am going to workout a minimum of 3 days.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

still sick

at least i am back at work though. doing my job... sorta. still coughing, tired and i really have not much of a voice. so i got dressed and caked on the makeup this morning so i could at least fake feeling better.

starting to think unless i feel drastically better i may be just picking up my race shirt and not racing on saturday. we will see though. it has been over a week since my last workout. i so need a workout mentally but seeing i get winded going up the stairs it would probably be best i don't. 

i hate that i do not lose my appetite when i am sick. unless i am puking my guts out i still love to eat. probably even more than when i am not sick. i am bloated and i have put some weight on. hoping that some of it is due to upcoming "girl" issues but i was not happy with the scale this morning.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sick. Round 1 this winter.

Dear Antibiotics,

Please kick in as soon as you can so I can do my race on Sunday and have a healthy vacation starting next Friday in Cuba.



I wrote a long blog the other day but it was lost. It was a vent blog about asthma sucking and my frustrations EVERY year dealing with this. Seriously, since I was in grade 8. I cried it out while writing that blog while sitting on the tubs edge while steaming my lungs with the hit shower steam.

I went from easily reaching 50 miles last month to not making it. I went from worried about doing well at my 5k this coming weekend to hopefully I can finish it. I haven't worked out since last Wednesday which was even half ass since that was the first day I wasn't feeling well.

When I get a cold I always end up with sinusitis and the resulting cough. Today I finally went to the doc and she thinks I have sinusitis, laryngitis, and bronchitis. I think she ran out of words ending in IS. I am in antibiotics again which I really try to avoid.