Tuesday, October 23, 2012

vegas time is coming

10 days bunnies until i can meet you guys! it is coming. it is coming. hoping your race works out for you and actually happens. if it doesn't happen i still get to meet ya. yeah!!!! don't forget to check out this bunny above at the vegas airport!

i haven't written in over a week. not much to say. working, working out, running h around, shopping, eating, sleeping, watching tv....

last week i finally sucked it up and did the boot camp at the gym i have been walking by for 2 years and watching from the comfort of an elliptical machine lately. my friend kept egging me on to come. it is intense. there is no rest for 75 minutes. basically it is set up in stations which you go through twice. it is 90 seconds at each station. there are no rest stations. examples of stations are trx stuff, ab stuff, cardio stuff, core stuff, kettlebell stuff... i know that was really specific. it was super hard and fun. when i was done i was exhausted. i have only felt that exhausted after running a half marathon. i do not joke. like i need a nap now but omg somehow i am supposed to work today??

the best part of it was i skipped, with a rope, for 90 seconds without stopping or tripping. seriously you don't know how exciting this is. do you remember the 80's? do you remember jump rope for heart?? it was a way of fundraising for the heart and stroke foundation. well my dad was in charge of it for basically all of western canada. he travelled/coached with skipping teams all over north america and did fancy skipping demos for schools and for competitions. stuff like this (video link to youtube with fancy dancy skipping). i on the other hand have never mastered the basic jump. so skipping for 90 whole seconds made me feel like i made my daddy proud. i suddenly felt like 8 year old Jenny. look at me daddy. unfortunately i ended up stopping to change stations and my dream died.  it was very very very exciting though for those 90 seconds.

i plan on doing the class again tomorrow.

anything else going on? hmmmmm.

i have ran twice in the last couple of weeks. running is probably not what i should call it. intervals i guess. both times i felt like my insides were going to rip out. i bet you loved reading that. odd. hurts a ton. "running" for 2 mins and walking for 1 minute. my dog enjoyed it. he is about the only one that did.

i haven't been eating well lately. most days i am over my calorie allowance. i am still tracking. i am proud i am tracking even though i am going over. on days i do not exercise i am always over. i am not that motivated to exercise lately beyond my 30 mins 5x a week most of the time. i am not enjoying spinning lately. the world may have stopped spinning?? however, i am not eating too much so not a huge deal. i am just not planning and planning is the most important part. having leftovers helps too so i stop eating on the run.

ok. i'm out. catcha on the flip side.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i am boring

ok, not much going on to write about around here. last weekend was thanksgiving here and it was a nice weekend. weather was nice, being off work for 3 days was nice, no sport things with h was nice, and time with family was nice.

on saturday we went to the pumpkin patch. first time in my life it wasn't a messy muddy mess. seriously like in 35 years. ok i have not been to the pumpkin patch every year of those 35 but i can say for the last 5 or so it has NEVER been this dry. the weather has been amazing this fall. on monday the kids were actually playing in the sprinkler (24c). crazy. it has been foggy though the last couple of days and the RAIN is supposed to be here by the weekend. so sad. so i am being proactive and planning a sunny holiday for february. i was thinking cancun or cuba again. so was s. now he is thinking orlando which i am not so excited about. i will win. yes i want to disney/universal but i want to relax more. the thought of theme parks, driving, eating, ... makes me anxious. i think cuba/mexico and i sigh with relaxation. i seriously just sighed. i love holidays. if we do orlando i think i want to do it with more people.

i am drinking a herbal mojito tea. i was hoping it would magically transport me to somewhere tropical.
nope, i am still here.

here is a picture from the pumpkin patch. my son and 3 out of 4 of my nephews. this is what happens when there is a gang of boys around. i can not show you the pictures when they included the little pumpkins as another male part of the body. seriously, they are embarrassing.