Saturday, September 21, 2013

Color Run or Colour Run as we say in Canada eh

Last Saturday H and I did the Color Run. I actually find it humorous they call it a run because there wasn't much "running" going on. It was really fun though and I would do it again as a fun family outing. Not as a planned "run" though. We did jog quite a bit between the stations.

Packet pick up times were ridiculous. They were from 12-6 right downtown. I guess the organizers of the color run don't understand that most of Vancouverites don't actually live in Vancouver and it takes us like 30-60 mins to get downtown on a good day so if you work, which i assume you do, getting to packet pick up is pretty much impossible before 6.

We enjoyed dressing up like nerds and frolicking in the cornstarch colored mist. The volunteers at the pink station were very gentle with the coloring. The volunteers at the yellow station were quite aggressive. All in good fun though.

In other news we got a new old hot tub! A kind neighbour who could no longer use it due to health issues donated it to us. We are enjoying it. My dad hooked it all up for us and now H can relax after a hard day with a glass of water.

Tomorrow we are off to Seattle for the night. S is going to the Seahawks game and H and I are going to just relax, go on the duck tour which H always wants to go on and of course eat dinner at the cheese cake factory. Hopefully I will also pick up the quilt I want at Target cause our Target doesn't have it.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer is done???

Wow. Summer is done. I'm at the skatepark with H for his last hurrah before his first day back at school and had some time to write something today. I can't believe my baby is in grade 3. He is so big. 

I did not accomplish much this summer. No exciting trips either. One night in Whistler and one in Victoria.

I had lots of goals this summer...

I had a goal to ride my bike more. I rode it less.
I had a goal to hike every weekend. I went twice.
I had a goal to go to bootcamp every Thursday. I went 5 x. I guess that wasn't a complete bust? So 

September is here and I need to move on. In two months we head to Kauai. I am back to tracking om MFP and exercising more regularly. I would like to do 2 fitness classes a week. I haven't chosen which ones yet as my gym is revamping. My bootcamp class no longer exist. Will probably end up doing a TRX class and then a Metabolic class which is similar to bootcamp. H and I will be doing the color run on the 14th. I am looking forward to that. Not the 'run" part but the experience.

That's all for now.