Sunday, June 10, 2012

nothing new or exciting

i ran a lot last week. like 15 miles. that is just crazy talk for me lately. didn't make it to a spin class. i plan on spinning this week on Tuesday. many of those miles were on the treadmill with netflix. right now i am watching the first season of justified and breaking bad. seem to be enjoying both. i am a bit off 90210 lately after a couple of downer episodes. i strenghted train

weather is so crappy still. rain, rain, and more rain. we get a couple hours with no rain but not really any sunshine to speak of. tomorrow afternoon and Friday there are supposed to be brief windows of sunshine so i will be all over them and outside if i can.

i am vowing (wow that is serious) to create one food related blog entry a week. when i started this blog that was my goal and i don't believe i have ever posted anything about food or a recipe on her.

going to have a hectic week thanks to h's ball hockey playoff schedule. if they keep winning they will have 4 games in the next 7 days. in my opinion that is a bit much for 6-8 year olds. if they win they go to provincials. they won their league regular season but have been struggling in the playoffs so now are in the lower brackets which means more games!

work, sigh. i don't even want to write about. looking to the job gods that something comes along better for me soon within my own company. i need a change desperately. i am not desperate enough to leave my well paid unionized corporate environment though after putting in so many years here. 13 years with the same company. yikes!
i met a friend for a coffee the other night at Waves and got this. well it wasn't coffee. it was some sort of roobios tea lattee? i have no clue. lots of foam. i love foam. do you love foam? i normally request extra foam.  it was purdy and an odd colour. i think i liked it.


Amee Sandhu said...

Foam...not a fan so much. That's a lot of hockeys...and I want a recipe!

Amee Sandhu said...

"Of hockeys?" Geesh!

Krissy said...

Roobios tea is super big right now, sort of elite because it is from Africa, and I have no idea how they got it to foam up like that but it is beautiful! Great Food PIC!!! Um, 4 games? Out of control! And I hope that something good opens up for you. 13 years shows a ton of commitment to the company, you deserve to be rewarded for it. But with 13 years comes a higher salary, and they can pay a newer person less to do more, which might be attractive to the big machine... I have seen that happen with my company before. Great job on the running! I wanna see a food blog!!!