Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ripped, Run and Ride - Update

so a few weeks ago i posted about what i was going to challenge myself with. in short doing 20 workouts in 25 days with a focus on strength using Jillian Michaels 'Ripped in 30.' i have been doing pretty well except for my recent 3 day rest streak which i am not too proud of. i have been rocking my workouts but not my nutrition. not saying i am eating horrendously but not well enough to lose weight obviously. oh yeah, remember i said 'I am not trying to lose weight however if I do I will not complain.' well i haven't lost weight and i feel the need to complain. i leave in less than a week so what is done is done. i will have fun. need to get in 3 more strength workouts before i leave which will be no problemo!

on to the video. i am enjoying it mostly. enjoying that she always doesn't use weights for strength exercises. there are a few exercises i physically couldn't do like... how do i describe it...  start standing... roll onto back... lift legs ups perpendicular to the floor lifting hips... roll back up onto feet and stand. kinda like half a forward and backward somersault??? gymnastics and i do not mix. never have. never will. i am ok with that. also she does a lot of plank type moves which seem to flare up my plantar facitisis. lunges seem to flare it up too. so did them in moderation or did alternate exercise if my feets were hurting.

i have gotten out on my rode bike 2 times now. yeah me!

nothing else to add for now.