Wednesday, April 23, 2014

i'm a liar

over a month ago i said i would blog more. haven't blogged since. lucky you? vacation in mesa was great. beautiful weather. relaxing. on april 1st i started to track what i eat again. sigh. again. i still don't know how much i weigh so i took a waist measurement to be the judge. right now i am using 3 apps. one is called "way of life" which basically is supposed to help you build a routine. i track drinking water, exercising and eating fast food. you mark yes/no for each day. i have been using this since the new year. i usually exercise and drink my water. i still waste money on fast food. i like that i have worked out 17 out of 23 days this month. the other app i have been using is seconds pro. i use it to do a run/walk program similar to couch to 5k. you can also create your own timers and i have used some of their strength training timers. the third is tabata timer. tabata is basically 20 seconds of an exercise, then 10 seconds of rest for 8 mins. i use this for both strength and cardio session. with strength i normally alternate between 2 exercises. for more of a challenge i do one exercise. doing squats for 8 mins straight is hard!!