Thursday, March 8, 2012


I am typing this on my phone so I apologize if you have to use your brains to figure out things that may be autocorrected. FYI, often I type I's instead of O's.

I am so nervous about my 10 k race in April. My runs have been a struggle lately and I can't imagine running a whole 1 minute per mile faster per mile without it possibly killing me.

I need to stop living in my running past. I may never be "fast" again. I am carrying around 20lbs more than when I was in my running glory. I don't spend as much time running. I expect the same results?

I am wearing compression socks right now. First time. Compression sock virgin. My legs have been so tire lately and saw them on simon's dresser and thought I would try it. Didn't wear them in the run but after. So my legs are toasty warm. Results? Unclear and unknown at this time.

Also, check out my kids video on you tube. He is patiently waiting for the number of views to go up.

Check out this video on YouTube:


Amee Sandhu said...

"if you have to use your brains to figure out things that may be autocorrected"


I use my sleeves for double digit runs and I lived in them after my last marathon for a couple of days. I find them to be amazing. But they didn't seem to work for me during the run.

Must go watch H's vid!

tracyzabelle said...

I saw your son's video-- how sweet