Saturday, March 31, 2012

saying goodbye

today i had to say goodbye to an old friend....

my black "gym girl" skirtsports skirt is dead. i am so sad. i am not joking. so sad. it is my favorite. it has survived my dog trying to eat and me sewing it back together. it has traveled with me on hundreds of miles on the road and trails. the inseam of the compression shorts have been rubbed through which the last few times i wore it caused me bonus chaffing and i still couldn't let go.

June 2010

 i know from pictures i have run at least 2 half marathons in it.

i have been holding onto it for over a year trying to replace it but nothing is the same. i have even bought the same skirt from skirtsports and it is different. the material of the new one seems heavier and the skirt is longer. it isn't the same. i do wear it but always longing  my old one.

if this isn't bad enough my blue "gym girl" skirtsports skirt is also dead. i can't bare to let 2 go in one day though. all i am left with right now is my memories. i so wish skirtsports didn't change what i felt already was perfect.

goodbye my friend. 



Amee Sandhu said...

ACCCKKK!!! Could you have at least turned it into a woobie? A little blankie action?! A BUFF! Bwaahhaaahaaa!

Krissy said...

Awe! Bummer! I know how that feels. I hope you find something equally as fantastic that you can love and put tons of miles in comfort in!