Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer is done???

Wow. Summer is done. I'm at the skatepark with H for his last hurrah before his first day back at school and had some time to write something today. I can't believe my baby is in grade 3. He is so big. 

I did not accomplish much this summer. No exciting trips either. One night in Whistler and one in Victoria.

I had lots of goals this summer...

I had a goal to ride my bike more. I rode it less.
I had a goal to hike every weekend. I went twice.
I had a goal to go to bootcamp every Thursday. I went 5 x. I guess that wasn't a complete bust? So 

September is here and I need to move on. In two months we head to Kauai. I am back to tracking om MFP and exercising more regularly. I would like to do 2 fitness classes a week. I haven't chosen which ones yet as my gym is revamping. My bootcamp class no longer exist. Will probably end up doing a TRX class and then a Metabolic class which is similar to bootcamp. H and I will be doing the color run on the 14th. I am looking forward to that. Not the 'run" part but the experience.

That's all for now.

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Amee Sandhu said...

I think blinking should be outlawed as it's very high risk. You blink and the year is over. Blink twice, and your kid is all grown up.