Saturday, January 7, 2012

i feel better

i feel so much better. thank god cause that sucked! the bonus was all the quality 90210 time though.

i got one workout in this week. weights and elliptical. happy since i felt so awful all week. tomorrow i am hoping to run. no, i will run. somehow or sometime or somewhere i will run dang it!

i haven't eaten meat since new years. actually that is a lie. while cutting some of h's steak i popped one in my mouth. since i felt so bad though it was pretty easy not to eat meat since i really wasn't eating much of anything. the best part about choosing not to eat meat. fast food is pretty much not an option. not saying i am going vegetarian but i am going to limit meat to a 2x max a week. should be easy peasy.

we had a busy day today. first i survived my first hockey mom test. 8am game time! i did it and it didn't kill me nor did i kill my kid so i am counting it as successful.  h then had soccer too. that lasted about 10 mins. he told me his tummy was upset. i told him to get back out there cause i figured he didn't want to play in the rain since he put up a fight to go in the first place. well he then ran off the field and projectile puked for 15 mins. fun times. he also puked last night. i don't think he has the flu. last night at hockey he was coughing and i thought it was phlegm but after today i am guessing it is the gallon of orange juice he drinks a day and the acid that comes with it. he is limited to 1 small glass of oj a day now. we are also going to watch for grapes and goldfish because he ate that combo just prior to pukage both times.

well i am guessing you are so glad you read that last paragraph.

H and Fin

Center Ice

on to funner things. the last thing to do for us today was a family skate at rogers arena which is home of the canucks. we get to do this as s is a partial season ticket holder. it was really fun! we got to go under the seats, skate on the rink, sit on the player bench, go down the tunnel and see the dressing room. for a kid that loves hockey and wants to play in the nhl and be a zoo keeper one day this was a big deal. he is at least realistic and knows his chances of playing for the canucks is slim. so i have requested he plays somewhere nice and warm like LA or Florida or at least cool like NY or Chicago. he also can be a zoo keeper during the day and a hockey player at night ya know? i posted some pics above.


Amee Sandhu said...

At first I missed the part about soccer and wondered how it could rain in the ice rink. He is such a cute kid! So im thinking you've recently "we bought a zoo"?

Krissy said...

Omg, Jen, you're poor kid, forcing him to go play and then he hacks up a gallon of oj, too funny, I still think you pass the mom test ;) Besides, if you ice skate as a hockey mom, your golden.