Sunday, August 22, 2010


so i started this blog a very long time ago. maybe 2 years ago? i intended it to be all about running. that was before when i was on a running high and all i did was run run run. i did do other stuff too but my focus mentally and physically was mainly on running.

then i started to get aches and pains in my right hip and lower back. this aches and pains do not seem to get any better with rest and sometimes even seem to get worse. 6 months of physio, chiro and even a sports medicine doctor didn't change much. i have good days and i have bad days. it doesn't hurt while i run. actually i shouldn't really blame running. cause it will hurt after a good walk, bike ride or elliptical session too.

so what does jen do in a typical week for exercise?

run 3 times (one longer run 5-6 miles, 2 shorter runs)
strength train 2x per weeks
spin class 1 time per week minimum
one full rest day per week

any one that knows me from though knows i struggle with diet the most. that is where i lack motivation and dedication. if you don't know what sparkpeople is and it is a 100% free diet and lifestyle website. it has a calorie counter, fitness tracker and tons of message boards/teams for any of your needs. some of my best friends are from either sparkpeople and babyfit (sparkpeople for pregnant people). although i have only met a couple of them in person they are often more involved in my personal life than "real" friends.

now back to my diet.... i typically eat 2000 calories a day. most days those are good calories but i do indulge in some not so healthy food more often than i like. i know what i need to do to change but just lack the consistency to keep at it. i work on this daily and try to avoid food triggers such as boredom and what i call angry eating!!!

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