Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 3

so i have been struggling the last few weeks with some back pain. it finally seems to disappear as mysteriously as it appeared after several chiro adjustments. then today i woke up to a cold and i am coughing.

for those of you who don't know often when i get a cold the cough can linger for literally months. i try not to think negatively and just hope it clears up asap.

so when i was checking out my workouts at i noticed there is only one week this entire year i didn't do at least one run. if i didn't run today it would have been 2 weeks. i couldn't let that happen so i did a short 2.25 mile run this morning.

i planned on starting "making the cut" workouts again this month. at this point i am going to give my back another week before i start such an intense program again.

this long weekend i am also heading to victoria, bc for a couple of nights with my friend and my son. hoping to meet some fellow sparkers. ds is going to do the kids run. so although i am not running a race i will be doing 1.2 km. this weekend is bringing up bitter sweet memories. 2 years ago i ran my pb for the half in 2:01 and i was probably in the best shape i had ever been in. ok, not sure that is 100% true but that is how i remember it. well at least the 2:01 was true. part of me wishes i was running but most of me doesn't want to dedicate so much time to training and running.

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