Monday, November 1, 2010

it's back....

the pain in the back that is. seriously. pretty much 1 month to the day of it leaving. i have been kicking ass lately and doing all my workouts. 3 mtc a week, 1 spin, 1xt and 3runs. on sunday i could feel it tightening up then pow this morning. it is like someone stabbed me.

at first i wasn't going to go to the gym at all. then i thought it may help it loosen up as it sometimes does. i planned on a 2-3 mile run and mtc today. it was obvious to me that wasn't going to happen so i planned on doing light cardio and maybe mtc.

i did 10 mins on the elliptical. felt ok. so decided to do 10 mins of intervals on the treadmill. felt ok. so i went to attempt mtc. not ok. i couldn't even do light weights. just jumed on the bike to do 10 mins so i at least did do 30 mins of cardio.

i went to the chiro this afternoon. he could feel where it hurt but at the same time commented on how loose my back seemed to be in comparison to my usual tightness. whatever. i am over this today.

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