Thursday, November 25, 2010

roller coaster

i am knocking on wood. i feel good for the first time since october. i seriously have had a cold, cough or something for pretty much 2 months now. last week i finally got sick enough to have to be off work due to pink eye and strep throat and finally seemed to have gotten better. however, thanks to me not feeling 100% for so long i got on a roller coaster of totally inconsistent exercise and food. ok, the exercise was not so bad. kept up with my cardio mostly but the st lacked. i would get in my mtc workouts 3x per week one week then the next 5 bicep curls were doing me in. i know i felt actually weak and i do not enjoy st when a 5lb weight suddenly feels like 40lbs.

food, i turn to food when i am sick. perhaps due to boredom? perhaps due to trying to make myself feel better??? either way i do not lose my appetite when i am sick. i wish i did. i also do not make the best food choices when i am sick. i am a salt lover but when i am sick it is even more so. bleh. i know all this yet i can't stop myself. thank you amee though again for your toe blog. every time i want to reach for that tim horton's timbit i will think of your tidbit and put it down. well i hope i do. ew!!!!!

i spent the 2 previous days at my sister's house in squamish. it was so nice to get away for the night. the drive up on tuesday was stunning. it is so great my sister and i can see each other whenver we want now. ok it is a 100km drive but that is better than having to fly. yesterday i drove home late yesterday to beat the snow and it only took me 1.25 hours. the weather was perfect though. last time in weather/traffic mess it took almost 2.

although i am physically fine the mental stress of the holidays is starting to loom. trying not to panic as i watch the calendar fill up. today it dawned on my part of that panic is because i see my me time (exercise) dwindle or hard to schedule. it always works out though. i also see my quiet time going. i am not very social. the thought of going out on christmas eve and christmas day is not fun to me at all. i want to stay home and watch movies with my baby. that won't happen though.

our new shifts at work came out today too. they start in feb. so hard to pick. we have to wait to pick based on seniority so i have to be patient as i probably won't even pick for a couple of weeks. i hate it. it alway works out. it always works out. that is my mantra the next couple of weeks.

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