Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I have been up to

I have not run this week. Me and running have officially broke up for now. As with any dysfunctional relationship I am sure we will get back together at some point but for now I am DONE.

I may still do intervals on the treadmill for fitness but training for races at this point is done. I de-registered from the half in Vegas in November.

  So if i didn't run what did I do all week? I rode. I did one spin class and 2 outdoor rides on my bike. I also installed, all by myself, a bike computer on my bike. yeah me!  i actually attempted this twice. once with 2 drinks in me which did not work out too well. the next morning i found the install surprisingly easy? duh. what do i have to do now on my bike? find some hills. i live surrounded by farm land. i can do 20k without any real traffic which is great however it is just flat which can get boring. I ALSO HAVE TO GET MORE COMFORTABLE RIDING IN TRAFFIC. I AM A CHICKEN SHIT.  i did intervals on the bike the other day, hard for 1 min and then rest for 1 min. my bike is not super fast so i pludge along at 20-25km/hr while people on their $10000 fancy dancy road bikes fly by me effortlessly. i know they have been riding longer, duh, but it appears effortlessly ok???? i know if i got smoother tires too that would help with my speed. i also bought new cycling shoes. the ones i have been wearing were always too small. i didn't realize they were 2 sizes too small. ouch eh? so much more comfortable now and i can wear real socks apposed to pantyhose type skinny ones.
my bike

Besides that i have been kid free all week while my parents took h away "camping" in their 40' motorhome. it has been weird being totally kid free. i enjoyed it but i also miss my baby.  he has tennis lessons this week. you know how hard it has been for me to resist buying him some little white shorts and a white sweater vest. so cute.


other exciting news. i have gotten a temp supervisor position for the rest of the summer starting monday. so that means i start monday-friday type hours on MONDAY instead of September. woo hoo! 

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Krissy said...

Who, Nelly! She's back on the bike! When I come to Vancouver I am bringing Pinky and we will got for a ride and go up Ears!! Congrats bike chick, you will be smoking them soon enough!