Friday, July 20, 2012


i have survived my first week back at full time. i will be full time for the remainder of the year. i haven't worked this long full time in 9 years! 9 years peeps! crazytown.

nothing else too new or exciting. played a TON of tennis this week. H is obsessed. 2 hours the other night and i had to draw the line. the kid can exercise like crazy. yesterday he had 1 hour tennis lesson, 1.5 hrs of ball hockey and then still FORCED me to a tennis death match for 1 hour after hockey. he is a nut. (like his mama). i have only ridden once this week. bad me. oh well.

urban outfitters
i am wearing purdy pink flat shoes today. crazytown again.  i like them though and got them last time i was in vegas. here is a picture. i still can't believe i bought pink shoes. pigs are flying somewhere peeps.

tonight i am going out to dinner with some friends. i haven't seen one of them since her wedding last summer. that is so bad. you think i need to get out more? home is so cozy and safe though?

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