Saturday, September 22, 2012

How you doing? (say it like joey, come on i know you want to)

so how am i doing? i am doing well. adapting to working full time still and trying to squeeze life in. we seem to be doing ok. mondays and tuesdays i am now working a couple of hours earlier so that means i can be home for dinner 2/5 week nights a week and home before he goes to be every night. that is definitely a huge bonus. i am enjoying being a supervisor but i would not want to do my normal job full time. i think i would go nuts or nutser? right now i am supervising until the end of november and then we will see where life takes me. wow, that was very chill for me. ommmmmm.

besides that i have not been exercising a ton and when i do it isn't really intense. i did strength train twice this week and i hadn't done that a while. i also did not ride my bike this week but i do not care to discuss that right now. i am walking and doing the elliptical mostly. i am not burning a crazy amount of calories or working out nearly as intensely as i used to. you know what i have noticed? i am not having huge hunger cravings nor junk cravings. i am able to stay in my range of 1200 net calories most days. when i used to exercise the way i did i would think about food all the time. ALL the time. now i do believe part of this is because i am working all day for 5 days and i am not home alone and somewhat bored so turn to food.

nothing else really exciting going on. trying to figure out our vegas trip. s keeps flopping back and forth if he is coming or not. then he was going to go with a friend for the same weekend but not stay with me? weird? i refuse to sleep in a room with another strange man cause i have never even met this dude. i would like him to come with me and when i am spending time with my girls he can spend the time with his guys but i would like to come home to him at some point. oh, vegas is dumb expensive on the weekend. seriously. 2 nights is going to cost us what 4 weekday ones usually cost us.

we are also looking at a trip south in February. likely cancun or mayan riviera. however, i found a package to panama that looked pretty cool and was on sale. only issue flight to panama is almost 8 hours compared to 5.5-6 to cancun. i haven't been to either but panama obviously feels more foreign. not sure if it matters if we mainly stay on the resort anywhoo.

below i put another picture from Kauai which i stole from s's facebook page. it was taken at a place called Queens Bath. very pretty. pictures never do places justice.

tata for now! gotta go finish cleaning my oven. i am using a way i found on pinterest.

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Amee Sandhu said...

So I'll come up there and paint your furniture and you'll come down here and clean my oven. K? Nutser!