Tuesday, November 27, 2012

it has been a while

i know i am a bad girl. beyond not blogging which is bad i also have not been working out a lot. this is odd for me. my schedule has been off and i am not forcing myself to get up early or workout after work. so that pretty much means i have been working out 2x a week. a couple of other days i may walk (to Starbucks) but that is about it. i have been pretty good with my diet though and sticking to about 1300-1500 calories a day.

i will do boot camp tomorrow. i shall also get workouts in Thursday and Friday too. i will do it. i swear.

besides that nothing huge going on. last week was my little man's 7th birthday so that is why my schedule was so messed. adjusting work for dinners/soccer/hockey games. i made that cake. well betty crocker helped. i made the icing. it didn't work out to swell but it was sugary and on top so i guess it worked?

besides that my child has been a hellion since his bday. can a child become adhd over night? maybe he is just coming down from all that sugar on the cake but seriously!!he  had a poor sportsmanship meltdown at soccer on Saturday and hockey on Sunday (this has never happened before), can not sit still at all, sulked the whole time at a big Albanian dinner thing we were at. maybe he turned 17?

well i gotta work. just thought i would let you know i am alive.


Krissy said...

Glad you are alive. Sorry H is being a little demon, kids go through phases, I hope this is a short one. Take him running, maybe it will beat the monster out of him ;) Brave to make the cake, I love homemade frosting!

Amee Sandhu said...

Are you guys Albanian? Did I miss something? H sounds like he's 7 going on 17....I think it will pass in about 20 years. I would just say, feel blessed he's not a girl. haha!