Friday, February 22, 2013

i missed skiing?

who would have thunk it?  my last few experiences 10+ years ago were not the best. too cold, issues with the people i was skiing with... blah blah blah. i ended up not loving it or even liking it.

then h wanted to try snow boarding. so in december we went and spent the day up on the mountain. we skated on an outdoor rink and h tried snowboarding. he did not love snowboarding so he asked to try skiing to see if he liked it better. our first trip up at the end of january was interesting. i taught him to ski. after a few hours of us yelling at each other he finally got it and loved it. we went again last friday and he even attempted a "scary" blue run which i led him down in error when i took a wrong turn. he did great. we had a great day. at the end of the day he even road the short chair alone. now i am looking for used ski equipment. i really missed being out in the cold and on the mountain.

however, even used ski equipment is expensive. snowboarding seems to be a cheaper option. however, i have never snowboarded. thinking i may just buy snowboarding stuff and give it a whirl. undecided. we will probably hit the slopes one more time this year. hopefully S can join so he can witness our new little ski bunny.  i will put some pics at the end of this.

I have been exhausted (again) all this week. i have sucked it up and done a bit of working out. nothing too strenuous though. not even close. did i mention we now have an indoor bike for home?

we now have an indoor bike for home.

so when i can barely muster up the strength to get off the couch i will go and force myself to do 30 minutes on the bike while i watch some netflix. what am i watching on netfilx? right now i am watching House of Cards and I am enjoying it. House of Cards was made just for netflix which is interesting in itself. I recently finished all the Misfits episodes on netflix. I put off watching the last episode on there for a month because i didn't want it to end.

dear netflix, more Misfits NOW please.

I also watch Community and Justified. I used to watch Breaking Bad a lot but it seriously started to depress me so I had to stop. That show is great but seemed to get too under my skin.

I am going to be supervising at work now until the end of the year. lots of changes in my company this year so i am glad to be in a leadership position. the extra moola is nice too.

My little ski machine.


The Lions

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