Sunday, June 16, 2013

June? June is halfway done? Whoa.

Not much has happened since my last blog. Just life. Nothing too exciting. Just been working and hanging with the family.

I made this from pinterest the other day. Having it for lunch today at work.
it was ok. i think it is better reheated in the microwave than fresh. i find it odd when foods are like that. i make a bean pie type thing that is way better as leftovers too. the above though was a little bland so next time it needs more spice. someone suggested on the original blog about mixing in some salsa. i think that may work too.

work is going well. I am changing my job again in a bit. same company/title but different duties. i will no longer have to interact with external customers for the most part which i LOVE. i am ready for this exciting change and my new duties are better suited for me.

fitness.... bleh. not doing a lot there. i am doing my bootcamp class once a week and riding my bike once a week and then the rest is small stuff like leisurely walks and bike rides. right now i have 2 week days off so i can do my class. in a couple of weeks this is no more so i am going to have to make an effort to fit in more exercise. especially weights. at least it is light her until 9-930pm for the next couple of months so i can walk/ride after work. h and i are also planning to do a color run thing in august so i MAY start running a bit so i don't die over 5k of mostly walking. my kid will surely out shine me which is great! the girl who did halfs to barely making it 5k? yikes. i am going to right about running or not running i guess next week.  I am also going to make time for some hiking on the weekends.

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tracyzabelle said...

NOW JULY is 1/2 way over LOL