Friday, June 15, 2012

just cause i said so

i VOWED to right about something food related and here it is. i was going to write all about my homemade perogies but i forgot to take pictures. so you get a salad picture. this is what i ate pretty much everyday for lunch this week.

*italian blend lettuce
*raw pumpkin seeds
*apple or pear
* balsamic vinegar/grapeseed oil dressing

ta da!
I went on my killer run on monday after work. why is it killer? well out of the 4 miles, 2 miles are up hill. 1 mile stretches of up hill at a time. i took this picture at the top. this bridge is literally in my back yard. this bridge made my commute go from 45-60 mins to 15-20mins so i love it. i didn't love it on monday. especially when a chick pushing a double jogging stroller passes me. seriously. she is a monster. i will always say when i pushed h around in the stroller i was in the best shape of my life. it sucks and you push yourself to get it done as soon as you can but seriously chick? my ego is very fragile right now. my feet also fell asleep. both of them. trying running down hill for 10 mins with sleepy feet. then cause i was so beat i decided to cut across the field/gravel/tall grass. not so smart with sleepy feet. i survived without a twisted ankle even when that little brown snake scared the begeezes out of me.
this is the new skirt i bought and me being a jackass. i like it (the skirt). don't love it. for the price though it is good. legs don't creep up and it is better than shorts for a long run.  i also ordered a black skirtsports skirt i found on sale. yes i know black is boring but it goes with everything so i love it.

i took a 6 month full time posting. come september i will be working a monday to friday 9-5 type shift. however, in july and august my shift just sucks. i am going away for almost 2 weeks this summer so i decided to suck it up for the other 6 weeks. i can do it. six weeks. i will be working friday, saturday and sunday evenings (woo hoo!) then another couple of days a weeks. days could be afternoon to. means to an end, means to an end... well that is what i keep telling myself.

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Amee Sandhu said...

You getting passed by a chick pushing a stroller is pretty bad...but you have a pretty good clip going. The day I got passed by someone that was a bad day.

Salad looks delish and those perogies - Hard core!