Friday, June 22, 2012

summer is here, time to refocus

summer has arrived. well sorta arrived. arrived for a day or so at 22c then back to rain and then back to sun but i will take it. better than rain rain rain.

here is my food picture. english muffin, tomato, avocado, feta and fried egg. yum.

i know typically in the summer my running mileage dips. i am not going to worry about it this year. bunz getting ready for your marathon. happy running. i will pick it back up again in the fall. i will run a minimum of 10 miles a week. i am taking the focus off calories and weight loss and i am going to exercise for both fun and to get outside. i am also going to eat for fun. i am not going to scrutinize and stress about everything i put in my mouth. i have been doing this on and off since january with NO weight change so i am letting it go.

so what did i do this week. i ran, i hiked, i gardened. i didn't do any weights but my gardening for 3 hours made up for that. with all the bad weather we have had everything is overgrown and out of control. it is now in control again!! 

on wednesday i drove to the north shore to go do the grouse grind. this is vancouver in a nut shell. weather can be horrid for weeks but one beautiful day and we all seem to forget. it was super busy. i expect this. you can read about it here if you wish (grind info). it is only 2 miles but it is 2 miles UP hill. there is no flat. NO FLAT. 853 meters straight up, that is 2,798 feet for my American friends.  i thought i could do it in an hour. i was humbled as i clamored to the top in 1h18mins. at point i thought i may day or my lungs may burst. i started off too fast which caused lots of issues. i also didn't bring my inhaler so i took it "easy" if you can call it easy. here are some pics from the hike. i took the gondola down. going down is probably harder than going up since there were points i actually crawled up rock faces.

up up up and up

snow at the top!
view from gondola ride down, the bottom is where that lake is on the right (ocean at the top/left)

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