Sunday, June 3, 2012


i thought i had posted a blog with my results of ripped, run and ride but i guess i did not. you will never know.


well i have been to vegas and back. great trip again. we love mandalay bay. can't wait to go back in november to see my bunnies. we saw ka. it was really good. blew my 6 year old's mind. well blew my mind too.

since i have been back i have been eating well and working out a ton. ok, yesterday was not well due to alcohol and doritos but it was my one bad day since i got back. i know that alcohol leads to doritos so that is why i tend to avoid the alcohol. however, it was pitt meadows day which is a super fun community filled day. seriously, my kid looks forward to it more than christmas. seriously. started the day with a parade and ended it with fireworks. pretty good.

so i am done working full time and i liked it. yes krissy i know you think i am nuts. however, after 8+ years of shift work and having a different schedule every week i loved just knowing what was going on. i had a sense of routine. i am a routine person by nature so unsure how i survived this long on such a crazy schedule.  right now i am working 3-4 days a week normally. usually 4. even with sometimes 3 days off i still felt unrested. also i have been stuck on afternoons a lot lately so i loved being able to see my kid every day. the down side is right now i have 3-4 days a week i can workout without worrying about what to do with my kid. working days i will have to worry about this every work out. however, h is a bit older now and for most practices and such this full i should be able to just drop him and literally RUN if i want to. even worse, i may have to get up at the crack of dawn or during the winter hours before the crack of dawn.

next holiday to look forward to? hawaii in august! august can't get here soon enough. we are having awful weather since we got back from vegas. rain, rain, go away!

your also welcome for the random pictures of flowers in my garden. come on summer!

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