Monday, February 6, 2012


well i have been running since 2007. i did run before that a bit here and there but i started actually tracking my running properly in 2007.

2007- i can't find this anywhere

2008- 830 miles, crazy year, 3 hm and so many other races. probably too much for a first full year of running which is why...

2009 - 430 miles probably from too much the year before, i know i had my nose surgery in the summer as well as hip issues all year

2010 - 560 miles. making the come back?

2011 - 600 mileage climbing a bit. (this is 50ish miles per month)

2012 ???? i think i am going to aim for the 650-700 range. which is approx 55 miles a month which is doable. i think.

i look back at my mileage of 2008 and i am in ah. seriously. i remember loving running so much. i remember being skinny. yes SKINNY. skinny not i a great way although part of me loved it. i was down to 127lbs (now i am 145ish again, size 8ish). 127 on me is a size 2/4 and i look gaunt. i remember a 5 mile run being done with ease in 50-55 mins and being an "easy" run.

just babbling. ignore me if you wish. i have no idea where this came from or if/when it will go anywhere.

however, my life has also changed now. i have a kid who i can't force to come on every run with me in the stroller. i don't think a 6 year old would like the jogging stroller too much nor would i like to push him. my son still joins me in the good weather on his bike but even then i am limited to his stopping and starting - i wouldn't change that though. i think if i was still pushing a baby around i would run more. i can only stand so many miles on the treadmill which is probably why my mileage dips so bad in november/december and july/august (hate the heat). also those are the times of year for me that life just gets crazy.

historically my heavy mileage is january - june then tapers off.

hmmmm. nothing more to add except this picture from my run this morning. isn't it purdy out there?

hope that is the runway right there that tad can land a plan on. ok?

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Krissy said...

ooh! It IS so purdy out there! Interesting blog about your mileage there, neighbor. 127 is too skinny, but I know what you mean about liking it. Glad you have decided on a goal for your mileage, maybe that will get you throughout your months where you just would rather not! I totally identify with the reminiscing on 5 mile runs in 50 minutes. There is no way now with my back and hip issues. I have had to kiss running goodbye and snuggle up to cycling. It is just not the same :( Glad you are back at running!