Sunday, February 5, 2012

it's been over a week so i guess i should blog



well i don't have much to say.

this is what i posted in the other day about a run.

so i had to run down to lynden to pick something up and i thought why not go for a run somewhere different (although i run in lynden in the summer sometimes when we are down camping). i love lynden. i love it's ridiculous perfectness. serious, golf course green manicured lawns, meticulously pruned plants and freshly painted homes. even today in february people were mowing their lawns to the perfect height. i feel always when i run through lynden that it must be some bylaw stating the Eminem on my ipod is illegal. it is just so American. I mean that in a good way. Movie set American.
been running lots. yeah that is about it.

have a good day.

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