Friday, August 3, 2012

it's on like donkey kong

so nothing really new or too exciting to report. been working full time a few weeks now so the house is a mess but besides that it seems to be going well. i think i am enjoying it. we will see if i feel the same way at the end of the year or if i will be begging to go part time again.

last week we were in whistler. i love whistler. i don't ski (often, last time about 12 years ago) but i love whistler in the summer. it is hot. there is so much to do like hike, swim, bike trails galore... this trip we spent most of it beside the pool watching the kids on the waterslide. i actually have a tan!!  i didn't really take any pictures besides some waterslide ones so you have to use your imagination.

i am cheating on sparkpeople too. a coworker told me about MyFitnessPal app. i told her about spark years ago but she told me she likes this app better. i downloaded it and it is so much faster than the spark app and has an oh so cool barcode scanner. i literally scanned my breakfast yesterday, it was so easy! i haven't ventured to their actually website yet though. maybe that will be what i do tonight (exciting friday night).

been biking at least 1x per week, plus spinning, plus tennis and weights. i am going to Hawaii in 14 days people. i need to tone up. i know at most i can lose is a couple of lbs but i am in need to tone. so what does a girl do when she needs to tone? Making the Cut. it's on like Donkey Kong.

i am cutting my calories. i am miserable. i have warned the people i love to stay clear and do not tempt me with junk. we had pizza the other night and i only had 2 slices people!! so proud.  been eating pretty good too. yeah me.

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