Tuesday, August 7, 2012

long weekend

this weekend was the bc day long weekend. oh my it was hot. like unusually hot. like mid 30's people which RARELY ever happens around these parts. so humid and gross. our house is 30c upstairs. thankfully we have the portable ac in our bedroom but the rest of the house and even downstairs is like 28c. gross. there is no escape. actually there was an escape. h and i spent like an hour in walmart to just get out of the heat. $100+ later, that was expensive!!  

on saturday morning we went to the mall. disney xd was in town for free skateboard lessons. h told me about it late so there was no room so we went early and got on through the waitlist. he was so excited. they taught him all the correct lingo so now i don't understand him sometimes. there is a pic of him from the event. he is not little anymore and needs to stop growing asap. the attitude coming off the kid lately too is unreal. i know he is testing but seriously he has had me on the verge of crazy a few times.  however, the big baby (aka husband) is driving me more crazy.

Beyond that i have been doing mtc. i am sore which is great. i have been tracking, which is great. i had 2 bad days when i went over my calorie allowance. nothing crazy though at about 1800 cals. besides that i have been below 1500 calories since last wednesday. have i lost weight? nope. i wasn't even going to weigh myself but i got the dang scale out and wish i didn't. i have been doing mtc at home with no ac, pls note the temps above. on saturday morning i did my workout, showered and then we headed to a birthday party which i continued tho pour sweat for at least another hour. today i am going to go for a ride while h is at ball hockey. he has hockey school 1x per day this week and then next week he has skateboard camp for 4 days then we are off to HAWAII!

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