Friday, August 10, 2012

track that

i am a tracking machine. i have tracked now 10 days in a row. a spark friend of mine announced she has motivation lately and she should take advantage of it. i was like, whoa, i do too so i need to run with this too. run figuratively not literally. thanks patty for making me aware of this too.

i have not run yet. we are still broken up. i have done 1 minute sprints on the treadmill for Making the Cut a few times but no more than 90 seconds at a time. Not really running. I need a "running sucks" shirt from like the one S got from Nike.

besides that nothing too exciting to report except 6 more days until Hawaii!!!  We have booked a tube ride through this company and we may do some surf lessons. unsure. i have no yearning to surf but S, H and my dad do so who knows?

nothing really going on this weekend. H has hockey tomorrow and we may go see my sister on sunday and do our annual hike to Quarry Rock.

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