Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Tomorrow we leave for Kauai around dinner time. I am so excited to get away. I love being on vacation. I work FOR vacation. I love to travel. LOVE it. ok, i actually don't like the transportation part of travelling. I find airports stressful. The stress though is so worth it.

I just looked at some pictures on facebook from our last trip to this exact same place. It was in 2008. What is different this time? First S actually is coming and he is excited. He resisted Hawaii for so long. Seriously what is wrong with you to resist going to Hawaii? Last time I said screw it and went without him but with the rest of my family. I was skinny last time I was in Hawaii. Really skinny. I am going now with 20lbs extra. I would be happy with just 10lbs extra. H was also 2 last time we went. He was so cute and tiny. After getting knocked by a wave in the ocean on the first day he refused to step into the ocean again. This time he has asked for surf lessons! What a difference! Here is an old picture of him from then. Isn't he just cute? Yes I know I am a bit bias.

H August 2008
 So I have been working out and working hard. I have been tracking. I have lost 1lbs. Progress. I am going to continue on tracking when we get home. I am committed to getting my weight back into the 140's asap. I went for a nice bike ride last night. 16km. I have been doing at least one ride a week since I stopped running. i have tracked 10 (TEN) days in a row.  I am going to get up at 530am (it hurts to type that) tomorrow for a spin class before we head on our trip in the afternoon. I have also lured 2 of my bunz from Sparkpeople to track on MyFitnessPal. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

We spend our first night in Honolulu and then will be on Kauai from Friday to Friday. This time on Saturday hopefully this is where I will be.

Lawai Beach Resort Bayan Pool


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