Saturday, January 21, 2012

weather wimp

i am a weather wimp. i am not afraid to admit it. today i dropped my son off at a birthday party then went to the gym. today i could have run outside. my dog would probably have appreciated it. my soul would have probably appreciated it. however, the weather wimp in me won. even while on the short drive passing a man who was easily double my age jogging and maneuvering around the icy/slushy sidewalks. it wasn't even raining. i am a weather wimp (bowing my head submissively).

well at least i did a kick butt workout at the gym. i started with 2 miles on the treadmill. my 2 miles included a 1/4 mile hill at 4-5 incline followed by a 1/4 mile recovery jog. i repeated this 3x total. with a little warm up and cool down i did 2 miles total.

i then moved onto my strength workout. i thought i would finally suck it up and use tabata timer app for my iphone i downloaded a while ago. tabata is an interval style training. 4 mins. 20 secs exercise, 10 secs rest. this website explains it in a lot more detail if you want to check it out

so this is what i did.

1st set:       pushups.                 
yeah i probably shouldn't have started this one. especially doing just pushups. i watched some videos on youtube the other night of some hardcore people doing this and i thought i was hardcore. WRONG.  after my second or third set i had to drop to my knees. by the eighth set i was doing like 3 push ups on my knees in the 20 secs. i started the first set doing 12 or 13 full push ups!

2nd set:    kettlebell swings and plank twists.
yeah i learned to alternate 2 exercises very quickly to help a bit with recovery after my experience with the push up. near the end of the 4 mins both these exercises were really hard.

3rd set:    chest flys on the bench and sit ups.  nothing to crazy but hard still.

after all this i did 20 mins of easy riding on a recumbent bike while reading a book.

the book by the way is the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Honestly i only kinda like it. not sure what the hoopla is about. probably because i don't like reading about rapes and stuff. i know weird?

besides that not a ton going on. my eating has been a bit off.

it snowed here so spent some fun times outside watching hayden sled while sneaking in a few runs myself. the dog is glaring at me cause i haven't taken him out for a long walk or run in over a week. he is glaring at me now. due to the snow i also worked more than usual this week. i haven't been really interested in the computer this week.


Amee Sandhu said...

I think I’m right there with you on being a weather wimp. Poor Franco. I hope he doesn’t start eating holes in stuff or WORSE to punish you for not letting him play in the snow. Lol!

PS I did something similar to tabata...It was 12 minutes of 50 seconds on 10 seconds off. I threw up my heart that day.

Krissy said...

You might be a weather wimp, but I am no different... at least YOU are not a wimp ;)