Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

well the run didn't happen today to ring in the new year. last night i was not feeling great and this morning i woke up with a full blown sinus infection. i managed to work 5 hours today since it is double time but boy do i feel awful. if my face actually blows up i will let you know! 

last night for new year's eve we ended up going to a movie. we took hayden with us too. we saw mission impossible and it was quite good. pretty much the same as the others. the last part of the movie was filmed in vancouver. it was supposed to be seattle/india. i always find this distracting. however, that is what happens when you live in hollywood north. part of me has been thinking i would like to see dubai one day and the movie confirmed it. however it is far and expensive to get too so unsure if that will happen. dare to dream!

i did manage to hit 1000km for the year in running. that made me happy. not sure what i want to do about my running. speed nor distance are motivating for me right now. i guess there is nothing wrong with just running for fun? there's a brilliant idea for you. however, honestly i am not motivated at all for anything right now.

i set out to lose 5lbs by new years. officially i am -1 lbs! woo hoo. i dropped a few lbs a bunch of times but seemed to bounce back up. my clothes are feeling better though so that is good. however, i didn't take measurements before so nothing concrete on if i have wiggled some inches down.

i am not in the mindset to set goals for the new year right now so i am not. take that!  i will when i am ready. once i get some grocery shopping done tomorrow i will likely go meatless for the month or pretty close to meatless. i felt so much better when i did this.

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