Wednesday, January 4, 2012

another day of 90210

 last night i honestly thought i was feeling better. then i woke up this morning and bleh again. i took a 2 hour nap before NOON. seriously. going to take one more day off work and since tomorrow was my last scheduled day of work this week that means no work this week. yeah! wish i wasn't sick though.

being sick i have had some time to kill. today i did 3 90210 episodes. three. i was only in grade 7 when the show started so some of this stuff was over my head back then but it is some serious stuff mixed in there with fluff. aids, alcoholism, almost marital affairs, teenage drinking... oooooooooooooooooo!

brandon is DRUNK as i write this. crazy times for boy scout brandon.omg! is he drinking and driving???? omg. did he crash his car? omg is he in jail? oh my mr walsh is very angry. thankfully he has a great friend in dylan who will take him to an AA meeting since he has dranken 3 times in his whole life.

brandon in jail? he needs a hug?
 he is still pretty all banged up from his dui.

 the more i look at him the more i think he looks like edward cullen. serioulsy! pale skin, unusually red lips, thick brows. edward cullen could have been on 90210. look at the lips, the paleness and the hair!

or maybe was brandon a vampire?

ok, enough 90210. i need to go to let it go now.

got new runners. been having some pf issues in both feet. since it was both i am hoping it is the runners. however, i haven't run in over a week now and the foot pain is persistent still. been icing. not taking any ibprophen since my tummy is already a mess from antibiotics.

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