Wednesday, December 28, 2011

back to work tomorrow

i have been off since christmas and loving it. i wish i never had to work ever. i would be so happy.

i have been busy with hayden's hockey tournament.  fun to watch the little ones play. he has had games early though so no sleeping in on my days off.

i haven't had dinner at home since the day before christmas eve so pretty much a week. i am bloated beyond belief from all the holiday dinners and take out food. this is the only reason i am happy to be back at work cause i will eat somewhat better. except our fridge is baron.  >>>>>>echo<<<<<<<<<<

worked out for the first time since the day before christmas eve today too. my legs are killing me right now after 4 miles on the treadmill and some light weights. killing. i realized though i am only 7 miles away from hitting 1000 km for the year so going to try to squeeze them in. i am sure i probably missed tracking a run at sometime and i am probably already over but i am thinking i may still go for it. i planned on doing 4 more on the mill tomorrow and 3 on new years eve.

on new years day h and i may do a 2k run to kick off the year if the weather isn't too rainy. forecast does not look good.

we sold the truck! finally. big sigh of relief.

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Krissy said...

I totally agree with the first 2 sentences... and then the one about the food thing, you, me, and Amee need work to stay on food track, too funny! Yeah! The truck is gone!