Wednesday, November 30, 2011

new work out

today i tried a new work out. simon bought the asylum workout from beach body back in september i think. i believe it is an extension of the insanity series. i also own the turbo jam series and find beach body products are good quality. i didn't feel like going to the gym and the workout i did today did not disappoint. 

before doing the dvd i ran to save-on-foods and back to buy some peas for dinner. so that is a 3.2 mile run. when i got home i got my weights ready and started the dvd. at home i have 5, 7, 10lbs dumbbells and a band. for this workout i only used the 5's and 7's. i will be honest. by the end i was just laying on the floor watching them do some of the exercises. however, i noticed even the people in the dvd were also taking mini rest breaks. it is intense. this is the warm up!!

Halo Deadlifts (new exersie to me)
Skull Crusher Press
Knee Drive Curl
Later Squat Row
Shoulder Tap Push-Ups (i did most of these from my knees and they still killed)

then the main workout starts!  although the dumbbell rotations kicked my butt they were new and challenging. an example of a dummbell rotation is:

push up
stand up repeat

this is the easiest one of 3.  it continues on and does chest and back stuff to. part of it is pull ups but i saw some different variations so maybe one day i can do a pull up (not just in my dreams).

after this i went and put up all the christmas lights. simon is not so handy so i waited for him to do it would never happen.

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