Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's happening?

I will be honest a lot isn't happening. Working 3 afternoon shifts in a row to make up for some sick time last week.

I have got back to working out though. No runs yet. I think I am kinda scared and being silly I lost all my fitness when I was sick. Will try a treadmill run in Cuba. No outside runs! The heat + humidity could kill me or at least leave me with a super sick tummy.

I did MTC day 1 yesterday. Omg Jillian you still kick my ass. Probably not the smartest workout to do after time off. Actually thought I was going to puke. Jillian would have been proud. Also like magic I lost 2 lbs overnight. I swear every time I do day 1 of MTC this happens. I also have very sore muscles! After MTC I did an hour spin class. Today I did a 45 min spin class and tomorrow I plan on doing MTC day 2 and 60 mins of spin.

Not sure I will check in again before I leave so...

Hasta luego!


Amee Sandhu said...

"Mainly to talk to myself" haha!! Love it! You will not have lost all your fitness. It might be rough to start but your muscles will clickly snap to attention.

Krissy said...

Jeez, after MTC day 1 there would be no spinning for me, well, except for the room that it! Oh, and Cuba!!!!!!