Thursday, November 3, 2011

still sick

at least i am back at work though. doing my job... sorta. still coughing, tired and i really have not much of a voice. so i got dressed and caked on the makeup this morning so i could at least fake feeling better.

starting to think unless i feel drastically better i may be just picking up my race shirt and not racing on saturday. we will see though. it has been over a week since my last workout. i so need a workout mentally but seeing i get winded going up the stairs it would probably be best i don't. 

i hate that i do not lose my appetite when i am sick. unless i am puking my guts out i still love to eat. probably even more than when i am not sick. i am bloated and i have put some weight on. hoping that some of it is due to upcoming "girl" issues but i was not happy with the scale this morning.

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