Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sick. Round 1 this winter.

Dear Antibiotics,

Please kick in as soon as you can so I can do my race on Sunday and have a healthy vacation starting next Friday in Cuba.



I wrote a long blog the other day but it was lost. It was a vent blog about asthma sucking and my frustrations EVERY year dealing with this. Seriously, since I was in grade 8. I cried it out while writing that blog while sitting on the tubs edge while steaming my lungs with the hit shower steam.

I went from easily reaching 50 miles last month to not making it. I went from worried about doing well at my 5k this coming weekend to hopefully I can finish it. I haven't worked out since last Wednesday which was even half ass since that was the first day I wasn't feeling well.

When I get a cold I always end up with sinusitis and the resulting cough. Today I finally went to the doc and she thinks I have sinusitis, laryngitis, and bronchitis. I think she ran out of words ending in IS. I am in antibiotics again which I really try to avoid.

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