Sunday, November 27, 2011

quick blog

hi everyone.

i am really tired right now so not sure if these is even coherent.

i have been tracking!!!! yeah me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

however, what i have tracked the last couple of days is not that positive. the words mcdonald's and pizza in the tracker???? not good. no i didn't chose the better choice at either. oh well. at least i am tracking.

for exercise last week:
3 runs
1 spin
2 st

we put up our christmas tree today. hayden has been bugging me for about a week and i gave in. he is really excited about christmas. this may be the last year he believes so we will woop it up for him.

hayden also played goal for the first time at hockey today. it was his first "away" game and the other team was really really good. they are not in our league normally and our boys had their butts kicked. hayden was in good spirits and even said he wanted to try goal again.  he could barely move in all the equipment.

so my plan for this week is:

-drink water and tea
-2 cups coffee max
-eat between 1400-1600 calories a day/track daily
-1-2 spin
-2 st
-3-4 runs

have a good week everyone.

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