Monday, December 12, 2011

600 miles for the year

today i broke 600 running miles for the year. i am at 603 now. planned on doing it yesterday but life got busy.

last week i had a great exercise week. food was pretty on track too. still tracking most i am eating. i did the "asylum plyometric" workout on one of the days too. it was another toughie but was so good. i was dying and dripping in sweat. in 40 minutess i burned close to 400 calories and i NEVER burn that many calories while doing strength training/workout dvds. i love me some jillian michaels but shaun t is giving her some competition! if you want to read about the workout in more detail and all it's craziness check out this blog.

trying to figure out what to get s for xmas still. he is talking about doing yoga again so i may get him a 1 month pass. why is yoga so expensive? i kinda want to do it too but 2 things hold me back; expense and no child care. i have to figure out where the money comes from and what the heck to do with my kid. too bad it isn't appropriate to leave your kid in the car anymore??? lol

yes i know i could do yoga from home but i have 2 problems with that. i get bored easily with yoga so i tend to get distracted and my house is too full of distractions. the other reason is there is no one checking on your form. i know in a group class there isn't a ton of help but still a little is better than nothing. i am getting stiffer and stiffer in my old age so things like yoga are going to have to become a priority!

i did my own version of an "Asylum" workout at the gym on saturday morning. some of the moves are new and i can feel my core tightening up which is awesome!!!  ate out a couple of times this weekend so my body is retaining some water from the sodium. feeling good though.

hoping it doesn't snow tomorrow like they say it will. so don't want to work overtime but so hard not to say yes to the extra moola. sometimes i love my job. ok, that is crazy i never love my job. most of the time i like my job but right now i am in a rut. i know like always though i will come out of the rut eventually. just gotta go through some bumps first.

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